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I've always loved drawing and nature. As a child I made animals and insects out of scraps of material, placing them in secret worlds, making them look aged as if to be a found treasure. Miniature worlds fascinate me, so making tiny things for my dolls house was a joy.

At 16 I attended Bournville College of Art, in Birmingham in the UK, where the chocolate comes from. Part of my training at Bournville was in graphic design and illustration. Designers gouache became my favourite medium and I still use it to create my highly detailed designs and illustrations.

Part of my training at Bournville was as a set dresser and my love of vintage clothes and accessories was indulged when I worked as a window dresser in a local shop, then Beatties department store in the city centre. I was painting and designing in my spare time and began to sell work to the Stable Gallery, London, and then the Halcyon Gallery, Birmingham. I was off! I went on to have several major exhibitions including one at the famous Selfridges store in London.

Linda Smith companys I have worked withWhen Washington Green Fine Arts was formed in 1985 I was one of two artists whose work they chose to launch the company.

I work in a spontaneous way, and constantly; drawing and doodling in sketchbooks, usually characters made up with notes, colours and references. I always carry a small notebook in my bag, but have been known to draw on bus tickets and bank stubs in desperation! I have recently created a series of life drawings, using soft pastel colours in neon–bright colours, with flashes of fuchsia, carmine and lime.

When I'm not drawing and illustrating I like to sew and make things and I scour markets, fairs, and junk shops for old fabrics,china, and even bits of broken jewellery. I love objects that have aged and had a life before.

I'd like to think that my work is recognised and loved for its nostalgic quality, detail and most of all humour. After all, being bought up on a diet of Morecambe and Wise, Characters for licensing
Alan Plater, Deric Longden and now "Ed Rearden's Week" on Radio 4 has to come to the surface somehow!

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